Mount Vernon - Now or Never


In conjunction with the launch of their new feature-rich site, our friends at George Washington’s Mount Vernon commissioned us to create a 25-minute documentary about the Yorktown Campaign, the decisive final moment of the American Revolutionary War.

Our goal was three-fold: Enlighten the viewer as to General Washington’s role in the ultimate defeat of Britain, highlight the crucial involvement of the French military, and keep the pace brisk and entertaining.  We chose to rely heavily on animation to tell this important story. Check out the short teaser:


Battle portions of the show were filmed October, 2013 at the Battle of the Hook, a major Revolutionary War re-enactment held every five years in Gloucester, VA. In addition, we shot a few small-scale recreations during the winter of 2014 at New Paltz, NY. The rest of the film was filled-out with animation, a mash-up of historic paintings and newly crafted 3D scenes.

Many beautiful paintings exist depicting key moments and personalities involved in the Battle of Yorktown. We chose to turn these paintings into 3D scenes and use them in the way a cinematographer might create an establishing shot – with elegant dolly moves, reveals, and build-ups. In addition we created small 3D elements to simulate the feel of a stop-motion war game scenario, evoking strategic table-top maps of the era.

To watch the entire film, visit Now or Never: The Yorktown Campaign.

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